Things you should know about storing wine in your kitchen

Wine racks were a very popular part of kitchen design in the 80’s and 90’s. You don’t see them much anymore and there are a couple of very good reasons why.

Wine, as it turns out, is very particular about it’s environment. It doesn’t like heat or light as both can cause it to age prematurely and therefore spoil. It doesn’t like vibration either and temperature is critical and specific for different types of wines.

Fridges specifically designed for keeping wine are the solution and have become as even more popular than the wine racks of the past. Generically known as Wine Coolers, these fridges are available in a wide range of makes and models and vary substantially in terms of size, features, functions and cost. If you’re planning on storing wine in your kitchen you will need to do some research to determine which appliance is best for you.

3 things to consider when purchasing a wine cooler for your kitchen:

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Drawers and roll-out trays organize your kitchen and simplify your life

Storage is really about accessibility and that means being able to get things whenever you want and always having a place to put them away when you are done.

The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets is with a combination of drawers of various sizes and roll-out trays to accommodate the taller and larger items that won’t fit into drawers.

Drawers are the handiest because they provide access from 3 sides and are most useful when equipped with dedicated organizers. Kitchen drawers are usually grouped in banks of 3 or 4 to maintain the horizontal cabinetry lines throughout the kitchen. Very few kitchen items cannot be stored in drawers.

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The best way to store your cutting boards and baking sheets

For your kitchen to be really efficient, the things you use every day need to have a home that is readily accessible. Two of the most frequently used kitchen items are cutting boards and baking sheets and they are also two of the most awkward to conveniently store.

Relatively inexpensive vertical dividers made of sturdy ¼” chrome plated wire and designed specifically for this purpose are readily available. They are sold individually and can be easily retrofitted to any full depth cabinet. You can set the spacing to accommodate wider or narrower items as required so that you get the best use out of available space.

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