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ReStyle Your Existing Cabinets 

ReStyling means treating existing cabinets like custom cabinets with new doors, detailed panels on exposed ends, covering toe kicks to match and replacing trim. You have the opportunity to convert door only cabinets to drawers, add roll-out trays or even add new cabinets like an island or pantry. In many cases you can also modify existing cabinets to accommodate new appliances.

Key Benefits:

  • The look quality and durability you would expect with new custom cabinets,
  • Opportunity to improve function or add cabinets,
  • The cost can be 10 -15% more than Refacing but the appearance and quality are so much better that you can’t really compare and the saving vs. replacing all cabinet boxes is typically 40 % or more,
  • Cabinet ReStyling is a very clean and low disruption process.

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