How to get the most out of a free kitchen design consultation

Having difficulty turning your dream of a new kitchen into a workable plan? You can get help from an experienced professional and it’s free. Most better quality kitchen companies offer free design consultation but, to benefit fully, you need to prepare.

The best kitchen renovations are the result of a collaborative process. Our job as designers is to make recommendations but it’s your kitchen, your home and your lifestyle so and we need your help to understand what will work best for you.

3 things you should do before meeting with a kitchen designer:

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Quality stands the test of time

6 things you should know about kitchen cabinets

Quality kitchen cabinets

Planning to invest in stone countertops or other permanent elements?

Make sure that the quality of your new cabinets, that will support these heavy counters, will stand the test of time.

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A frequent question from our clients….Do I have room for an Island in my kitchen ?

Most Excellent Modern Kitchen with Classic Styling

Here are some numbers to keep in mind. On the working side of your island you will need approximately 37 and 42” between the kitchen cabinets. On this prep side of the island you will need room for appliance doors to open and still allow the cooks to pass one another. Generally you would like […]